How to increase your business organically in a particular location ? Why is local SEO important ?

Your Ideal target audience is searching right now for your product or service. In their search results, they’ve businesses with plenty of reviews and more important— the nearest available. It’s the search engine’s job— To provide the best & nearest solution to your audience.

Local solutions are more likely to be chosen and shown on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Nearly 46% of Google/Search engine searches are local searches. So you could lose more customers just by not being on the local search query. 

These are customers with the intent to buy. 

At the end of this blog, you’ll be able to optimize Local SEO to increase your organic reach.


Step 1: Setting up your Google My Business (GMB)

Here’s how to set up your GMB profile that ranks up in the query-

Fill out every business detail: If you fill up properly, then people can find you easily by searching “[your product/service] near me” 

Don’t forget to put the location to rank higher in Maps.

Step 2: Optimisation of GMB

There are well-established companies that still haven’t completed these steps I’m going to show. Complete these to rank higher than your competitors:

      • Publishing high-quality photos of inside & outside of your office.
      • Adding a menu of your products/service
      • Setting the business hours indicating Closed & Opened.
      • Update business events regularly
      • Encourage your customer to review & respond to feedback
      • Optimize URL, title tags, headers, & meta description.
      • Add your website to get more traffic.
      • Don’t forget to add the social media handles of your business.

Step 3: Reverse engineer your competitors

Never stop learning from them. Use search extensions like SEMrush, Ubersuggest & Similarwebsites to find their keywords, backlinks & other sources of traffic.

Bringing traffic to your website using guest posts helps you rank in Local SEO.

Bonus: Use search ads to rank easily.

You can rank faster in the local search using ads in the Map. Highly effective if your business is saturated.

Bookmark these steps to refer back to develop your business profile.

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Why is Google My Business important for your business and how does it give you organic results ?

Most online businesses update their GMB—regularly. Clearly it pays off to be in local search results. Which’s why, If you want a 24/7 digital sales rep, who brings you more warm leads, then you might stick around here to learn:

      • What’s Google My Business?
      • Importance of Google My Business (…& How to improve yours)
      • How does it impact your organic reach?

If you haven’t heard of Google My Business, then let me explain what it does for you:

What’s Google My Business

Google My Business is an online business directory that helps you reach your customers through any search engine and in Google Maps too. All the work you put into building a GMB profile will help others to find you— this attracts 72% of the mobile audience who’s looking for business profiles while driving! And if they want to stop by, then they’ll get directions by Google maps to your location. All thanks to Google’s free advertising.

Some of the great benefits of google my business are listed below.

Google My Business does it all for you

It’s a tool for businesses to claim your search list space easily. You can share reviews, services, Opening hours, and contact details to customers searching for it. 

Businesses showing photos & videos appear more credible to people and stay on top of results.

It’s similar to a business website but FREE. And helps service-based businesses/ Shops to start without maintaining an actual website.

How does it impact your organic reach?

Google My Business provides businesses an opportunity to

      • increase their visibility on SERP.
      • Easily highlight your company’s website and location to clients. 
      • The “Multiple Service Areas” feature helps multi-location businesses to allow users to identify their closest branch—useful for mobile searches. 
      • Able to showcase your products/services. 
      • When businesses have numerous good reviews under their belt from customers, they appear more credible than competitors who lack social proof—so take advantage of this to appear in the “most reviewed” filter.

These factors affect a major role for a customer to trust & readily buy from you. Here at TheFatStudio, new businesses can avoid being weak in search results. Contact us here.