Case Study

How did the new online clothing store achieve rapid growth?: 2500₹ – 1,15,000₹ sales in 1.5 months

The Fat studio helped the Kumila store get 46X their sales numbers within 45 days. Even better, we noticed a 25.5% ROAS from the campaign launch.
Let’s find out the problems & our solution for them. Here are the conclusions-

About the Brand

Kumila Store is the new online retailer for personalized clothing. They give you a variety of customizable apparel. Facebook & Instagram are their main 24/7 sales pages. They lacked traffic.


We wanted to spread awareness of this huge deal to many during pride month. (The offer was related to the LGBTQ+ community, & we didn’t just make a rainbow-flagged logo). Many businesses started posting their offers in such a rush, especially this month. And despite being a new brand, we still gained better sales numbers. Here’s what we tried during these 2 months:


Instagram ads & Facebook ads

We tapped into more potential customers using Stories & Reels ads on Instagram & Facebook. With simple targeting, we get to connect with our targeted audience using an effective targeted filter.

Influencer Marketing

We selected 5 micro & nano influencers. They collaborated with us and increased our revenue with their audiences. These influencers aren’t handpicked by the size of their audience, it’s through researching their ways of explaining things & their level of engagement with their followers. 

So combined all strategies used. We generated over 1,15,000₹ in sales — alongside building a stronger online brand, and customer awareness of the store and did it within 45 days.

Finally, research & experiments helped the fat studio increase the sales rate and leads by following a developed framework. 

Increased sales and followers on Instagram using giveaways

We got in contact with a traditional Indian crafts store, Byhand. They sell sustainable & ethnic fashion online.


Byhand needed a creative yet compelling campaign to improve their sales & gain followers. People need to be aware of the brand first & get many to walk into their store. 


We tap into our network. And invited celebrities to Byhand’s photoshoot. And reached out to relevant Micro & Nano influencers. They endorsed our products & gave a significant boost — ⬆️ 5K+ followers in just 2 months
Content creation carried the sales for Byhand. We created reels to showcase our latest products & Annual Offers. 

Yet, to urge others to visit the Byhand store— we used Gift-in coupons on the website to entice people to come. After that, we made Byhands own newsletter. It got X subscribers within X months. The newsletter build up trust in the brand and appeared credible to others.

Finally, the campaign did well generating over X sales. We were fortunate to be a part of Byhand success as a new store. In future, we’re interested in putting in more strategies that bring in results for your business.

Increased Instagram followers by 10,000+ Organically in just 60 days

We recently collaborated with Sabari (fashion designer from Kerala) and within 2 months, our client gained over 10,000 followers on social media.

Brand concern

Sabari, a stylist and fashion designer in the Malayalam film industry, reached out to us because he was interested in building a big audience for his Instagram. Before we started, his page had around 9k followers—which is great! but he wanted to build a large following of fashion-minded people.


These days social media is pretty saturated with content creators discussing similar topics and seen as an authority in the fashion community— it’s hard to stand out. People are picky & savvy nowadays; they don’t want to follow accounts that post someone’s content for likes. Instead, we began sharing behind-the-scenes photos from commercial, film and television productions and within two weeks our strategy worked— views came pouring in! From then on we’ve engaged with his audience and finally found one that worked well— we did interactive Q&A sessions and Instagram live which led him to interact with his fans & made him a big follower audience.


In just two months, by applying the correct strategies & finding the right target audience. We gave Sabari an opportunity to gain 10,000 organic followers with a consistent increase in its engagement rates. 

The Fat Studio team understands your brand and its challenges in your project. By doing so, we can target the areas that need improvement by implementing new techniques.